Monday, June 22, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

Chapter 154 Update on FicPad

Chapter 154 Update on FFn

Chapter 154 Update on TWCS

Chapter 154 Update on AO3

“Do you want innocent and demure or sexy and horny?” Alice asked as she drove toward downtown. We were stopping at some high-end lingerie boutique. Alice wanted to get me some new goodies since she had this strong feeling that I was going to get some action tonight. Action that did not require my own fingers or vibrator. I had to resort to using them when Edward was at physical therapy. It felt empty, but it got me off.

Empty is the wrong word. I felt like I was cheating on my fiancé. Granted, BOB was a poor substitute for the real thing, but the constant horny feeling abated after I fucked myself stupid with my vibrator.

“Bella? Bella! You’re spacing out, girl,” Alice said, taking my hand.

“Sorry. Just …” I trailed off, blushing a deep crimson.

“Sexy and horny,” Alice giggled, parking her car in a garage. “Something blue, skimpy and crotchless. Edward will not know what to do with you.”

“You are such a little devil,” I snickered. 

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