Monday, September 15, 2014

A Ilha do Amor update: Last Fling Before the Ring

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“I cannot believe this place,” gushed Paul, running his hands along the granite counter tops in the resort’s spa. The rest of us were enjoying pedicures and sipping mimosas. Everyone except Jessica, who was nursing some plain orange juice.  “Now, I understand why you are not coming back to Seattle. I wouldn’t want to leave either. Can I stay? I promise I’ll be a good little boy. I’ll even pick up my dirty underpants.” He batted his eyes at me, pouting adorably. I just giggled, taking another drink of my mimosa.

“It was tough for me to leave a month ago for your shower,” Angela deadpanned.

“And it was the only place that I didn’t experience morning sickness,” Jessica grumbled, her face green, putting her full glass of orange juice onto the counter. She glared at the glass, obviously hating the turmoil her stomach was enduring. “I’m waiting for that moment to come back. Why is it called morning sickness when you have it all day?”

“Because it’s a lie,” Rose snickered, swaddling Caitlyn in her pink blanket. “In theory, they call it morning sickness because it’s your body’s reaction to lack of nutrients when you sleep. Like you, I was sick pretty much all day until I reached my second trimester. Then, I was a horny bitch, wanting Emmett pound into me all of the time, eating everything in sight.”

“Rose, TMI,” I giggled.

“What?” she shrugged. “My Emmy was more than happy to oblige, in more ways than two.”

“All women experience that insatiable need during the second trimester,” Esme said. “With Edward, I thought I broke Carlisle with the amount of sex we’d had.”

“When I was pregnant with Bella, I became ravenous for my husband and incredibly adventurous. I wanted Charlie everywhere, any time and any place. We ended up making love on top of the Space 
Needle, nearly getting arrested for indecent exposure,” Mom snickered. I blanched, shooting up from my seat and darting to fill up my champagne glass. I could have gone my whole life without knowing that little tidbit of information. My mother is an exhibitionist.

Not like I’m much better.

My office.

The bathroom at the Newsroom Awards.

The balcony at the Mumford and Son’s concert.

Alki Beach.

The back of Edward’s car…

You’re an exhibitionist, too.

And damn proud of it. As long as you don’t get caught. 

Bella's Dress

Angela, Jessica and Becca

Rose and Alice

Party Bus

The scene of the 'crime' ~ Bella and Edward get their freak on

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Gifts

Bella's new favorite toy


Rio Scenarium

Bella and Edward's dance

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