Sunday, August 24, 2014

To Do...

I have to do this for anal retentive, type-A personality is taking hold. I'm completely overwhelmed with so much stuff, in real life and in my writing. I'm unmotivated to do much other than take naps and watch reruns of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I want to read. I want to write, but I'm struggling to do so.

Sooooo, I'm giving myself a to-do list. Some of you might not be happy with the order of what I need to do, but it's what's best for know? Involved in this to-do list is some needed time off, possibly.

  1. Write One-Shot for Fandom for Christy compilation. I'm hoping to start this tonight after I finish chapter sixty-eight of Caught in the Flames.
  2. Get through chapter seventy for Caught in the Flames
  3. Star Crossed chapter eight to be posted by NEXT Thursday (hopefully).
  4. Write the A Ilha do Amor bachelor/bachelorette party and moments leading up to the wedding (including some lemonade)
  5. Figure out the climactic moment for Surviving the Teenage Dream, including the players and what chapter it will fall in. Work on another update, as well.
  6. Begin wrapping up Starlet. Two maybe three chapters left in that one before the epilogue. 
  7. Plan for the Vancouver trip in Picking up the Pieces. 
For some strange reason, this year has been a struggle in going back to work as a teacher and balancing the writing. I think I'm burnt out with my job and this hobby, which used to be relaxing, now feels like a job. I enjoy writing and the creative outlet it provides me, but I just need a break. The seven things on my to-do list will probably take time. I obviously have a due date for the one-shot, but the rest, they will get done when they get done.

Thank you for your patience and support. I will hopefully get my groove back, but for now, please just bear with me.


~ T

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  1. Every one needs to take time for themselves. Creativity takes times and we will all wait for updates of your stories. Love ya.