Friday, August 8, 2014

Plot Bunny...

I was watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit one day. They had a story line that revolved around a male escort. It got my hamster going. She was running overtime in her hamster wheel. *Snorts*

Now, this won't start posting until after Thanksgiving. I've got too much on plate right now and with the beginning of the new school year, I have to focus on that. You know? I just wanted to tease you all for my new story, Buying Love. Since it will most likely be VERY raunchy and dark with elements of BDSM, I will probably only post it on FicPad, AO3 and TWCS. I'm still debating about FFn...(stupid guest reviewers...). Oh, and I will create a TUMBLR and a blog for this one to include pictures that are pervy.

Edward Masen is the most popular escort working for Esme Platt. He's the best at what he does and no woman ever goes unsatisfied. He's smooth, sexy, dangerous and in control. In many ways. His employer holds him to this job due to the debt he needs to repay her. He's a slave to the job in more ways than one. He lives in the best apartments, dresses in the nicest clothes and drives the best cars. All of it, though, can disappear in a moment's notice all because Esme knows Edward's secret.

Isabella Swan is an heiress to the Swan fortune. Her father, Charlie Swan, owns a string of high end hotels and resorts all over the world. Bella, as her friends call her, is also going through a nasty divorce from her husband, Riley. He cheated on Bella with the limo driver, the gardner, the pool boy and Bella's assistant, Maggie. She's bitter and angry, hating all men and abhorring her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Charlie is having a grand opening for his newest hotel in Seattle, Swan Towers. Bella is expected there, with a date for the lavish party. Rose, Bella's best friend, suggested that she use a male escort, handing her Esme Platt's card. Bella calls and asks for the best. Edward arrives, all suave and debonair, but detached and cold. However, the attraction between the two is palpable.

Will they succumb to their attraction? Will Edward pull Bella down the dark path in his need for control? Or will Bella be his light? Or is all of this a ploy for Buying Love?

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