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I took Edward’s hands, trying to calm him. He was almost trembling and his mind was filled with confusion. “Edward, ti’ane, breathe,” I said, caressing his hands. He looked at me, still very lost. I took his face in my hands, pushing my thoughts into his. If you are my imprint, my mate, my ti’ane, my te’atée, you are now the emperor of Forx. I know that you are upset, but please…

“I’m a captain of the Volvo,” he whispered. “How can I be a Galaxy Fleet captain and the emperor of Forx?”

“We will discuss it later,” I said, my hands moving through his soft, silken hair. Slowly, I moved my fingers from his hair and down his smooth cheeks. His pink lips were calling for me, but we couldn’t. Tenderly, I traced his mouth before nuzzling his cheek. His arms enfolded me in an embrace. Are you alright, Edward?

“I’m fine. It’s just that…everything is changing rapidly and I’m unaccustomed to such changes,” he 
explained, his voice tremulous. However, he stopped shaking. His lips pressed to my forehead and he cupped my chin. “I’ll be okay. I need to get to the bridge. I want to help Victoria and Jasper with that cloaked ship. Do you want me to escort you to sickbay?”

“No, I need to stay here, work on my own report of what happened yesterday,” I said. “Dr. Halé said I can’t see her until this afternoon.”

“Okay, love,” Edward said, caressing my lips. “If you need me, ping me in my brain.”

I giggled, picking up his hand and kissing his palm. “Ti-ane mahnu te-atée sa-ahari,” I murmured.

“I love you more than my own life,” Edward whispered back, kissing my cheek, just inches from my mouth. 
“Be safe.” I got up from his lap and he left my quarters.

Turning in the chair, I quickly pulled up the communications array. I called Marcusi back. His face filled the screen. “Is everything okay, Empress?”

“Why did you call Edward ‘Emperor’?” I asked. “He’s panicking and dwelling on it. His job is on this ship, not ruling a planet.”

“Empress, you know as well as I do, that your mate cannot be away from you. What hope is there for you if you separate?” Marcusi asked. “Either you will have to abdicate the throne to be with him and your brother will become the next emperor or your Edward will have to resign from Galaxy Fleet.”

“Marcusi, Edward is pushing for us to be admitted into the Federation. We will be a part of a larger unit. There will be no Emperor and Empress, only delegates to their Federation Council,” I said.

“There will always be rulers. I’ve done my research. Most of the worlds in the Federation maintain their own governments, abiding by the Federation laws, which we already do. Our beliefs are along the lines of the Federation. Your father said that it was the war with the Alphans that was denying our admittance. However, based on what I read of the captain’s report, he’s pushing for you to be allowed in so Forx and the Cygnarian people can be protected,” Marcusi explained.

“Including our colonies? Our outposts?” I asked.

“Yes, Empress,” Marcusi said. “From what I understand, we’re just waiting to hear back from the Federation Council.”

“Alright,” I sighed, feeling exhausted. “I’m assuming you haven’t heard from anyone from the Federation?”

“No, but I assume that we will shortly. This is a brilliant report,” Marcusi explained. “Captain Cullen is quite the advocate to have on our side.” I nodded, smiling softly. “Rest, Empress. It’s been a trying few days. I will contact you if there are any complications.”

“Yes, Marcusi,” I said. “Can you send my love to Charanel? I know that he does not understand why I’m gone.”

“I will. Blessings to you,” Marcusi said, bowing his head reverently. I returned the gesture, ending the transmission. My eyes were drooping and I needed sleep. Removing my dress, I put on my leggings and tunic, climbing into the bed in my quarters. Curling up, I focused on Edward’s green eyes and quickly fell into a deep slumber. 


Renien Ocean

Capital City and Imperial Palace on Forks

Emperor's bedroom

Emperor's suite

Empress's Bathroom

Empress's bedroom

Empress Suite

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