Thursday, June 12, 2014

Caught in the Flames ~ Extended Summary

Isabella Swan (26) is an up and coming graphic artist. She recently moved from Jacksonville, Florida to Chicago, Illinois. Her grandmother left her a sizable inheritance in a brownstone in the Gold Coast neighborhood. Bella takes the opportunity to start fresh after a painful and brutal breakup with her ex, James and a falling out with her mother, Renee. 
Edward Cullen (28) is a Lieutenant in the Chicago Fire Department. He’s in charge of the rescue squad at Department Eighteen. He’s lived in Chicago all of his life and has a younger sister, Alice. They both live in a condo complex around the corner from Bella’s brownstone. He runs into the new resident, Bella, at the grocery store, while he’s shopping for the house. They strike up a conversation but he gets called away. There’s an instant attraction, but Bella’s hesitant due to her past. She does pay for all the groceries, dropping them off at the house with a note. 
Soon, their lives become intertwined when some minor fires pop up around Bella’s home. Edward and his firehouse respond to the calls. It’s Edward who discovers that these are not random, but intentional. She’s an innocent, caught in the cross hairs of a maniacal arsonist. He’s a hero, a man desperate to save this beautiful, but sad woman who is in danger. 
In the ashes of the destruction, a new love emerges between Edward and Bella. Is it enough for these two or is their love Caught in the Flames? 
I will be starting to post this by June 20th…I hope….
Fireward ~ by Chandrakanta...thanks, girlie!!

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