Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Update

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“Edward, I’ll meet you back here when I’m done. I’ll send you a text,” Bella said, adjusting her bag. We were at the Moscone Center, picking up our credentials. I was also meeting with Jane, going over my schedule for the conference. Elvendore was scheduled for its big reveal on Wednesday at New Moon’s premier party in the auditorium. There were two other games being featured besides mine, but from the hype that was building, Elvendore was going to be a big deal. Presales were through the roof. The only other game that was this popular was Call of Duty: Black Ops.

To say I was giddy was an understatement.
Edward! You’re spacing, baby,” Bella giggled, adjusting my collar of my dress shirt.
Sorry, gorgeous girl,” I chuckled, kissing her lips. “I’m just…yeah, in shock over all of this.”

“You should be. Now, go kick some ass with Jane and I’ll meet you back here,” she said, pointing to the entrance. I nodded, kissing her lips again and walking toward the lounge for the presenters and gaming executives. I adjusted my own laptop bag along with the framed poster with my autograph before I walked into the lounge. I immediately saw Jane. She smiled at me, teetering on her too-high heels.

“Edward!  I’m glad you made it!” she said, taking the poster from my hand. “Was your flight okay?”

“Fabulous and the accommodations are amazing,” I beamed. She smiled, leading me to small cubicle that was set up for New Moon. “What’s the plan for this shindig?”

“Well, first, smile pretty,” Jane laughed, clicking my photo as I gave her a crooked grin. “For your credentials.” She sent it to a printer and soon my IDs were printed and placed on a lanyard that I had to wear anytime I was in the Moscone Center. “Now, the plan. Tomorrow, I want you to just enjoy the conference. Look at some of the other games, make connections with some other game developers and see what else is out there. Tomorrow evening, we have the presentation in the auditorium. Dress your best and prepare for a ton of great publicity! After the big reveal, there will be some questions from the press. In addition to that, you have a few interviews with some gaming magazines, local newspapers and some bloggers. That will happen on Thursday morning into early Thursday afternoon. While that’s happening, your game will be at our exhibit for people to try out. Then, the remainder of the conference, you’ll be at the New Moon exhibit, signing autographs, speaking with more press, gamers and providing photo ops for your new fans. I’ve laid it all out in your schedule.” She handed me a file, which I opened and glanced through it. “On Friday evening, I’d like to take you and your fiancée out for dinner to celebrate, hopefully, a successful debut in the gaming world.”

“That sounds awesome, Jane,” I smiled. “Hectic, but awesome.”
“Excellent,” she replied. “Now, why don’t you head back to your hotel and enjoy the calm before the 

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