Saturday, May 3, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

I finished my work day and went to make dinner for my family. Bella was returning the following day. I would approach her about Owen’s request then. As I was dishing up the chicken stir fry, all of my kids, plus two security guards, Steve and Oliver, and Thomas clambered into the house. Mia and Masen set the table while Owen and Kyra carried the meal to the table. Everyone got their drinks and we sat down at a packed dinner table.

“Dad, this is really good,” Kyra smiled, popping some chicken into her mouth.

“Thanks,” I smiled, putting some broccoli on my plate. “I’ll be happy once your mom is home, though. She’s so much better at creating meals on the fly.”

“At least you can cook, Mr. Cullen,” Thomas snickered. “Both my parents are not good in the kitchen. I mean, they have a few good meals that they can make, but you can only have spaghetti so many times before you lose it.”

“Didn’t you and your siblings pay for your parents to get cooking lessons?” Kyra asked, giggling quietly.

“Yeah, but they refused to go. I love my family but they’re so stubborn,” he chuckled. “I ended up going so we could have something other than chicken fingers and tacos for meals.”

“What did you learn how to cook, Thomas?” Mia asked.

“I learned how to make beef stew, a chicken dish similar to this, macaroni and cheese…the real kind, not the crap out of a box, vegetarian lasagna, and a breakfast casserole. When I get home early enough, I usually cook for my family. Plus, Kyra has shown me some other recipes that your family likes, too,” Thomas said, smiling adoringly at my daughter. Ugh, puke. She better still be a virgin.

I felt a sharp kick to my shin. Kyra was glaring at me, her lips pursed. I smiled sheepishly. Apparently, I had been glaring at my daughter’s boyfriend. Seriously, she was my baby girl. My principessa. She is too young for sex! “Dad!” Kyra hissed.

“What?” I barked, arching a brow at her.

“You were growling,” Kyra said quietly. “Stop obsessing over my non-existent sex life.” Oh, thank God. She rolled her eyes as I slumped, happy that my daughter was not jumping into the sack with the first teenage, horny boy that gave her attention. I liked Thomas. He was great, but his penis is not coming anywhere near my baby girl. Ever.

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