Monday, April 14, 2014

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Fuck my life.

I was hurting.

A lot.

Fucking Jacob.

I hated him.


I hope he fell onto a sharp rock and slowly bled to death in the freezing cold water. I hope that a shark found him and ate his legs. I hope they found him, arrested him and he became a bitch to an inmate named Bubba.

Yes, that works. Hopefully he’ll feel the pain and embarrassment of what he did to me if that happens.


As much as I was exhausted after my ordeal with Jacob, I couldn’t sleep. I was hurting too much. I also couldn’t get my mind to shut down. It was racing and wouldn’t stop. Edward was equally as restless. His handsome face was marred with a deep frown as he slept. I wanted to touch him, to comfort him but I was in too much pain. Instead of tossing and turning in my tiny bed, I decided to get up and watch some television. I slipped out of my bedroom and limped down the stairs to the family room. I sat down on the couch and curled up. I put on the television, not really watching what was on the screen. As I was staring at the barrage of infomercials, I faintly heard someone come down the stairs. I tensed up and looked at the staircase with an anxious glance. I couldn’t see much, but I recognized the pants as Edward’s.

“Hey, Edward,” I said quietly.

“I woke up to go to the bathroom, but you weren’t in bed. Is everything alright?” Edward asked with a frown.

“I couldn’t get comfortable. Every way I lay, something was in pain. I didn’t want to keep tossing and turning, preventing you from sleeping,” I said with a grimace. “You were up at the ass crack of dawn.”

“I couldn’t sleep, either, beautiful. I’m not as injured as you, but I couldn’t get comfortable,” Edward responded as he sat down on the couch next to me. He gave me a smile and caressed my cheek. I leaned into his tender touch, tears spilling over my cheeks. “What are you thinking about, Bella?”

“How much I hate Jacob. How he said that he ‘loved me’ but he never showed me an ounce of compassion or tenderness like you,” I mumbled. “How he constantly broke me down; calling me nothing, stupid and slut. How he would control everything I did.”

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