Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Taming the Type-A Beast

I'm such a perpetual planner. It's too funny. I need a plan or list or something in order to keep me on task while I'm writing. I admit, proudly, that I have Fanfic ADHD. I bounce from fic to fic while I'm writing. I also have five or six stories on the burner as we speak...Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew. 
I can scratch off my one-shot for Fandom against Juvenile Diabetes...Daddy's Little Princess is submitted and will be posted on here, AO3 and TWCS on June 8th. If you want help support this cause, you can check out this website: Fandom Against Juvenile Diabetes. You have until April 4th to donate to get this compilation. 
Anyhow, back to my plan...
  1. Finish Surviving the Teenage Dream update (including information about New Orleans, Mardi Gras and lemons galore)
  2. Finish Picking up the Pieces update...Jake's memorial
  3. Get to Chapter Ninety on Friends with Benefits
  4. Update A Ilha do Amor
Sound like a plan?

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