Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bonus Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

Jacob, while being an impulsive, domineering asshole, had the patience of a saint. I just knew that he was waiting for the right moment to get us while we were least expecting it. My fear was that he would hurt one of my children in order to get to me. I would die for my babies and do anything to ensure their safety, even if it meant going into the clutches of a madman. I prayed it didn’t come to that.

“Gorgeous, it’s a beautiful day and I don’t like the scowl you have on your face,” Edward said, poking at my cheek.

“Sorry, just thinking about the mongrel,” I replied.

“He doesn’t exist here,” Edward said, dragging me to the lion exhibit. “Jacob Black is merely a figment of our imagination and has no place here in New Orleans or on our vacation. Do I need to take you into one of the bathrooms and fuck some common sense into you?”

“Edward, we’d scare young children or become one of the exhibits,” I snorted. “I don’t want us to be on display, ‘Nerds Fucking in their Native Habitat.’”

“Geeks, Bella. We’re geeks,” he sighed, tugging me to his side. “And the bathroom wouldn’t be our native habitat. That’s our bedroom, baby.”

“What about the piano?” I snickered.

Edward growled, kissing at my neck as I squealed. Dancing out of his arms, I gave him the ‘mom eyebrow’ and pointed at him, demanding that he behave himself. Holding up his hands, he laughed heartily as we continued our exploration of the zoo. We took pictures and just hung out until Ricky sent us a text, reminding us about the Mardi Gras museum and their hours on Saturdays. Stopping in the gift shop on the way out, we ended up buying some trinkets for the kids, t-shirts, key chains and some stuffed animals before getting into the car, driving to the museum.

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