Sunday, March 16, 2014

Picking up the Pieces Update

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A year ago. One year ago…Jacob died. It was the single most traumatic moment of my life. One minute, we were talking and then, he was gone. I remembered that moment like it was yesterday. The moment where my life and my children’s lives changed forever…
“Are you saying I look awful?” I asked my husband.
“No, Bells. You look beautiful. You always do,” he murmured, reaching weakly for my face. I grabbed his hand, pressing it to my cheek. His hand was cold against my skin. “Bells, I want you to promise me something.”
“What, Jake?” I asked, my brows furrowing.
“When I’m gone, keep living your life,” he whispered. “Don’t give up because I’m gone.”
“Jake, stop it. You’re …” I muttered, trailing off.
“I’m dying, Bells. I know I won’t see tomorrow,” he said, smiling wistfully.
“How can I promise that? The man who gave me all of my happiness is leaving me,” I sobbed, looking at him.
“You’ll find another who will give you happiness,” he said. “I know you’ll grieve for me, but know I am always going to be watching over you. Hell, I may help your new man find you.”
“Jacob William Black! That is not funny,” I snarled, shooting up from my seat.
“It wasn’t meant to be,” Jake said weakly. “Tell the kids I love them and that I’ll always love them, even from heaven. Apologize to Gracie for me. I was supposed to have high tea with her on her birthday. She had a special hat for me. Also, make sure Johnny looks out for his sister. He’s got to be the overbearing man of the house once she starts dating.”
“Jake, stop. You’re scaring me,” I said, racing back to the chair. I took his face in my hands. “Don’t say goodbye. Not yet.”
“Tell Bella to be happy,” he choked out, tears falling onto his cheeks. “I love you, Bella. You were my first love. My only love. I’ll never forget you.”
“JAKE! NO!” I hissed.
“Kiss me, Bella,” he begged. His voice was getting weaker and his skin was getting colder. “I want to remember what your lips felt like one last time.” I choked back a sob, leaning forward to kiss his chapped lips. He sighed contentedly and then …
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, falling against him. “You can’t go. NO!” Pam ran in and pulled me away, hugging me tightly. “Why? Why did you tease me? Come back, Jake! Please!! Come back!”

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