Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

“Give me more, Mrs. Cullen,” I snarled, biting at her neck and ears. I began to rock in and out of her, filling her with my cock. She whimpered while her feet were clamped behind my back. I slammed into her. I wanted all of her orgasms. I wanted her to milk me dry with the power of her pussy clamping down on my cock. We were so close to each other that I could tell where she stopped and where I began. My heart was swelling for love for my future wife as I stared into her deep brown eyes while I made love to her.

“Edward,” she sobbed, clawing at my hair. She moved me closer, nipping at my lips. Eagerly, I crashed my mouth against hers, caressing her lips with mine. My motions brought us closer. “Baby,” she whispered against my mouth. “Please?”

“I’m close, my Bella,” I chanted out, sweat pouring off of me. “Come with me?”

“God, yes!” she screamed, clenching her pussy walls around me. Our grunting was the soundtrack of our lovemaking, complete with the slapping of our skin together. With a resounding gush, Bella’s face screwed up in a silent scream, sucking me deeper inside. With a low growl, her pulsating body caused me to come deep inside of my girl, filling her with my release.

Rolling to my side, I kept moving inside of Bella until I softened and slipped out of her. I held her against my chest, idly stroking her back as we both calmed down from what I originally wanted to be a languorous romp, but instead turned into some hard-core fucking. “We need to work that into our vows,” Bella quipped, kissing my sweaty chest.

“What?” I snorted.

“That you vow to wake me up with some wicked tongue action before fucking me into oblivion for the rest of our lives,” she giggled. “You may now kiss the bride…and you duck under my dress to tongue fuck me.”

“Hmmmm, tempting,” I snickered. “I was thinking more traditional, Bella.” I cupped her chin, staring into her eyes. “Yes, we have fun between the sheets, but I will always love you.”

“I love you, too,” she said, brushing my hair away from my face. “I can’t believe we’re getting married.”

“Me neither. But, I’m so happy, Bella, my gorgeous girl,” I said, brushing my lips with hers. “I want to stay in bed with you, celebrating our engagement over and over.”

“Edward, I love you and I’m saying this from that place of love, but we both kind of stink,” she said, plugging her nose. “The combination of sex, sweat and something else is a bit overpowering.”

Wrinkling my nose, I nodded. “You’re right. Besides, I know that my family wants to see your rock.”

“Planetoid,” Bella muttered, extricating herself from my embrace. “This is easily a hundred times bigger than the ring I received from Tyler. Actually, I think my engagement ring from him was no bigger than one of the stones along the shoulder of the ring.” She smiled softly before turning to look at me. “It is gorgeous, though.”

“Nothing but the best for my girl,” I said, giving her a crooked grin and kissing her shoulder.  

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