Thursday, February 27, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

“What are you planning on doing in New Orleans? Well, besides each other,” Rose smirked.

“Charming, Rosalie,” I snickered.

“What? Don’t deny it, Bellini. You and Edward handle stress differently than other people. You fuck each other stupid,” Rose guffawed, going to my bag and swiping a tube of lube that I stuck in the pocket. I rolled my eyes, swiping the tube from her hand and stuffing it back in the pocket. 
“Seriously, Bellini, you and Edward are quite, um, horny for each other. Even after so many years of marriage. It’s nice to see.”

“Are you and Tim okay?” I asked.

“We’re fine. I’m trying to convince the mister to get a prescription for Viagra or Cialis, but we’re all good,” Rose winked. “Seriously, what are you guys doing down in New Orleans?”

“Well, one of the days, we’re going to be complete tourists. Edward and I planning on going to a Mardi Gras museum and the Audubon Zoo, then go to Chalmette to eat at Rocky and Carlo’s. My friend, Bridget, who lived down there, suggested it. We’re doing that on Saturday. On Sunday, we’re probably going to roam around Bourbon Street, do a cemetery tour and explore the voodoo connections of the French Quarter. Monday, we’re planning on doing the Lundi Gras parade since on Mardi Gras, we were invited to the Rex Ball. When the concierge, Ing, found out who we were, he made arrangements for us to get an invite since the Rex Organization uses Whitlock computers and software. The only downfall with that is we have to wear a gown and a tuxedo. I’ve had our dress clothes shipped down there and they’ll be waiting for us in our room once we arrive,” I said.

“And you guys return on Wednesday?”

“Yep. We should be home by dinner time. Our flight leaves at eleven in the morning with a connection in Memphis,” I said, checking the itinerary on the dresser.

“Why didn’t you take one of the Whitlock jets?” Rose asked.

“Because, they are not there for us to use on a whim,” I chided. “They are supposed to be used for Whitlock business. I was a nervous wreck when Edward told me he used the jet to fly out the kids to California when we were there discussing the first movie. It wasn’t related to Whitlock business and it’s a misappropriation of funds. That’s a big no-no.”
“Bella, I love you, but you need to get fucked. You’re too fucking uptight,” Rose snickered, leaning back on my pillows.

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