Monday, February 17, 2014

Picking up the Pieces Teaser

I got checked into the emergency room, next to someone else who was also dealing with some pukiness. I was hooked up to an IV and administered some Reglan, which was a favorite that was used for Jake’s nausea while he had chemo. Charlie was flipping the television stations when his cell phone rang. “Swan,” he barked. “Oh, Edward…is everything alright?” Charlie listened and chuckled slightly. “Small world, Edward. Come to curtain three.”

Edward poked his head into my room and I groaned internally. I was sicker than a dog and my new friend is seeing me with pale, pasty gray skin and eau de vomit going on. He hung up his phone and blushed slightly. “I’m sorry, Chief, but my mom is struggling tonight. She’s been admitted for dehydration. My dad’s on call. Rose and Emmett are in Portland for some conference, so that just leaves me to care for her, staying with her in the hospital.”

“You’re not the only one with a sick family member,” Charlie chuckled, gesturing to me.

“Shut up, Dad or I’ll puke all over you,” I deadpanned, hugging my garbage can.

“Empty promises, Bells,” Charlie smirked. I rolled my eyes, flipping him off. “I obviously can’t go in, but I can call in Mark to see if he can cover your shift. If you can stay with Pukey McPukerson, I’ll be back in a few.” He clapped Edward on the shoulder on his way out of my room and I just wanted to crawl into a hole.

“Stomach flu?” Edward asked, walking over to me and pressing a blissfully cool hand to my forehead. Oh, keep that there.

“Yeah. My kids both got it and I succumbed on my way home from conferences,” I said feebly. “My dad dragged me here so I could get rehydrated and some medication.”

“Zofran?” he asked, sitting down on a stool.

“Reglan,” I answered. “Zofran never helped me much. My doctor tried to prescribe it when I was pregnant with John, but I still lived in the bathroom. Reglan became my best friend during both of my pregnancies. Is your mom okay?”

“She’s resting comfortably. We’re waiting for an orderly to bring us up to the medical floor. She’ll probably be here for a couple of days. She’s really dehydrated and weak. Her medication wasn’t even helping her after this round.”

“Medication?” I asked.

“Medical marijuana,” Edward replied. “She couldn’t stop throwing up long enough to get a few hits in. I scooped her up and brought her here. My dad checked on her during a break between surgeries and he’s really nervous that this is what’s going to get her; cause her to lose the battle. Hell, we all are.”

“I’m so sorry,” I frowned. “Cancer sucks.”

“It does. When I die, I do not want cancer. Heart attack, car crash, meteorite,” he quipped morbidly. “I want it to be fast. I don’t want to know.”

“Well, you’re not dying anytime soon,” I said, glaring at him. I just became friends with the man. I didn’t want to lose that friendship. He couldn’t die. My glare quickly morphed into tears and I was trying to not throw up and sob at the same time.

“Shhh, Bella. I’m not going anywhere,” he said, taking my hand in his and he brushed my hair back from my sweaty face.
“Sorry. I don’t mean to fall apart, but the mere thought of losing another person in my life scares the shit out of me,” I said, collapsing onto the bed. My head was throbbing. Edward’s hand was still holding mine, caressing his thumb lightly over my knuckles.

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