Monday, January 13, 2014

Starlet Recap

“It is truly a pleasure to meet you, Renee,” I said quietly. “I know that you were taken away from at a very young age. I can attest that she’s a beautiful and wonderful woman. She’s lost, though. I don’t know what Bella told you, but this year has been very rough for your baby girl. Just before Christmas, she was attacked by two men and I almost lost her. Those two men are still out there and I’m begging you to keep your eyes on Bella. She needs you; she needs to know that you are still there for her and that you love her.
“Another thing, I know that Bella said that we were getting married. I feel weird about marrying your daughter without asking for your blessing. You were obviously an important part of Bella’s life and I’d appreciate some sort of sign that you approve of me,” I murmured. “She’s my world and I’ve never loved someone as much as I loved Bella. She is truly my best friend. I will spend my entire life ensuring that she’s safe, happy, adored and protected. I can’t wait until I can call her my wife, but I want to know that you’re okay with that. Please?”
I sat back and waited, praying quietly to God and trying to keep my emotions from exploding to the surface. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling onto my face. Sitting next to Bella’s mother’s grave made me miss my family. My heart shattered a little bit at the prospect of having a wedding without my mother sitting in the front row, crying as her baby boy was getting married; not having my dad trying to give me wedding night advice…Tears dropped from my face and onto my shorts.
The wind blew and I faintly heard the tinkling of a wind chime. I looked up and it almost appeared that Renee’s picture was smiling a little wider. “Thank you,” I said, wiping my face. “I promise you, Renee that I’ll look out over your baby.”
“Edward, can we get going?” Bella asked, her voice sounding a little panicked.
I got up and started walking toward her. She was shaking visibly as she tried to run to the driver’s side. In the distance, I saw a Fork’s police squad car driving toward us. Bella tripped and fell. I ran to her, helping my fiancée to her feet. “Let me drive, baby,” I said, taking the keys from her hand.
“Why is he here?” she asked. “Can’t he give me a moment’s solace with my mother?” Her voice turned into a snarl as she glared at the approaching car. Helping her walk to the passenger side, I opened the door when the squad car pulled up in front of us. A tall man got out of the car, having the same build as Emmett. When he turned, I immediately recognized him as Charlie Swan. He had my girl’s eyes and the same colored hair, smattered with grey. “I’m not ready to see him, Edward. I just want to go home. Can you take me home?” she hissed to me. “I thought I could ask him, but I can’t…” Her body shivered and before I knew it, her eyes rolled back in her head. Bella collapsed against me, fainting dead away.

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