Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Plan of Attack...

I need a Type A, control freak moment…plans. I need to do some planning. So, here’s what’s on deck. 
  1. Finish through chapter sixty-one in Friends with Benefits.
  2. Work on the next chapter for Picking up the Pieces. 
  3. Future-take for Figure Eight (my goal is to have it up by the end of the Olympics)
  4. Plan out the chapter for A Ilha do Amor, including some smexy, hott citrus. 
  5. Map out the Starlet wedding and the second climax (you know what’s coming, if you’re reading…it won’t be horrifically bad, but there will be some new drama. 
  6. Re-read Mafia Princess so I can create a one-shot for Fandom against Juvenile Diabetes. Perhaps, set up a sequel (???). Working title for Mafia Princess future-take is…yeah, I’ve got nothing. 
Now, Angels and Monsters is on the back burner. I do plan on finishing it. I’ve got it planned out, I just need to execute it. I have to be in the right mindset for writing vamps. I’m not there and my spare time is virtually non-existent. I’ve also got some ideas floating around, too.
A fireman story…marrying Chicago Fire and Twilight. It will be a drabble-type fic, similar to Mafia Princess and Friends with Benefits. This will be started in the summer.
A dancerella story…just playing around with that one. 
An angelward story…again, playing around with this. 
Okay, my Type-A, control freak tendencies have been sated. So, yay!

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