Friday, January 3, 2014

A Ilha Do Amor Update

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Becca was sobbing on the other end of the phone call. She sounded shattered and broken. “I’ve been trying to call you, Bells. However, Jimmy, he would take my phone away,” she cried. “It’s bad, Bella. So bad! I need help! Please!”

“Okay,” I said, cuddling next to Edward. “Where are you? We’ll come get you.”

“I’m hiding in a gas station near my apartment,” she sniffled. “In the bathroom. Jimmy, after he…”

“Did he rape you, Becca?” I asked, becoming enraged.

“No! He just likes to use me as a punching bag,” Becca answered quietly. “Anyhow, after he has his rages, he crashes. I grabbed my phone, a coat and my purse, leaving him on the couch. This was the first time I haven’t lost consciousness.”

“Which gas station?” I asked, hopping up from the couch. I darted into the bedroom and pulled on a pair of yoga pants, one of Edward’s sweatshirts and my sneakers.

“Circle K,” she replied. “Bells, please hurry! I can’t let him find me. If he does, I don’t know if I’ll…”

“We’ll be there,” I said as I hung up. Edward was dressed in a pair of jeans and standing shirtless. 
“The number that kept calling me was Becca.”

“I gathered that from your conversation. Is everything okay?” Edward asked.

“No. Jimmy likes to use his fists to prove a point,” I snarled. “He’s been beating the shit out of her. She’s hiding in a gas station near her apartment while Jimmy is sleeping off his rage.”

“That sounds so familiar,” Edward muttered. “When Alice was in that relationship with James, he would go off on her and then crash after he beat her to a bloody pulp.”

“Could Becca’s Jimmy be Alice’s James?” I asked, tossing my hair up into a messy bun.

“He’s been released. Alice got a notice from her attorney,” Edward frowned, looking for a shirt. “But he’s on probation. He has to stay in Chicago.”
“He could have gotten approval to finish his probation here,” I said.

Harborview Medical Center

Dr. Daniel Parker, AKA Dr. McCutie

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