Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

“What about Marie?” Renee asked. “I can’t stand that little brat, but leaving her in a cabin with her dead mother is a bit cruel.”

Really, you think?

“When we leave, we’ll take the girl with us and drop her off at the first gas station,” Mike said, his voice devoid of any emotion. “Some poor sap will take her under their wing and voila! Problem solved.” I listened to him shuffle around, counting quietly. The shuffling stopped. “You need to dye your hair, Renee. I also need you to cut my hair. We need to change our appearances in order to pass over the border undetected.” A plastic bag rustled. “Red will be quite nice, my dear.”

“Better than blonde,” Renee snorted. A door opened and Mike’s counting resumed. I shifted slightly, trying to get more comfortable. My wrist and arm were throbbing, radiating up my entire right side of my body. Mike was right. I did have a hell of a headache. It was almost as bad as my arm, but not quite. However, that was nothing compared to the emptiness I felt in my chest. Lizzie was gone. Hopefully, she was safe in Edward’s arms. My little girl would her daddy. Both of them would. If Mike had his way, Edward would be a widower again.

Mentally growling, I prepared myself for anything. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to see my husband’s face again. I wanted to see my babies grow up. I was ready to fight to the death in order to ensure my children’s safety, but prayed that it wouldn’t come to that. A chair scraped on the floor and I heard Mike’s heavy steps walking toward me. His hot breath fanned over me, rancid and smelling of onions. “Pray that your husband gave us all of the money, bitch. If not? Well, you don’t want to know.” He chuckled before leaving the room.

Once the door was closed, I opened my eyes. It was dark, obviously late at night. We were in a cabin. A large one-room cabin. I was handcuffed to a bed located near the kitchen. Curled up on the floor, on a makeshift pallet was Marie. She was dressed in clothes that were too big. She was filthy. Her curls were matted against her head and she looked so tiny. My anger spiked and I wanted to rip my arm from the socket, take the money and toss it into the roaring fire in the fireplace. Then, I wanted to rip Mike from limb to limb.

“Mike?” called Renee. Huffing out a breath, I shut my eyes and feigned sleep again while my incubator called for Mike. Stewing in silence, I prayed for a quick resolution for this mess that didn’t result in my death.

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