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Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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Edward had been a shell of himself after the day he spent with Emmett. Seeing his brother die really broke his heart. We held a small memorial and he was buried in the family plot in Chicago. Esme was saddened, as was Alice, but neither were as affected as Edward. He went through the motions of being a husband and father, but the glint in his eye was missing. I was worried about him but I didn’t want to push him. Edward needed time to grieve. I’d give it to him and if he needed to talk, I’d be there for him.

“Mom, don’t forget, you need to leave right after school tomorrow,” Owen said. “It’s supposed to snow some more and it’s already a three hour drive to Peoria without the snow.”



The Illinois Music Educator’s Conference.

All-State Honor’s Orchestra where Owen was the concert master.

I didn’t want to go. I know Edward didn’t want to go. Owen was the only one who was thrilled about going. He was excited about staying at Jumer’s Castle Lodge in Peoria with his classmate, Mattias, who played oboe in the All-State Band.

But it was in Peoria.

In the middle of winter.

Why couldn’t the conference be in Chicago?

Closer to home!

“Your director is driving you and Mattias down there?” I asked.

“Yeah. There are three students from Wheaton Warrenville South High School, plus the four of us from Wheaton North, who are a part of the All-State groups. I’m so excited that you are going to be there, Mom,” he said, hugging me tightly before going up to his room to finish packing.

I sighed, walking into Edward’s office. He was randomly clicking on stuff on his computer. His eyes were glazed over and vacant. “Did you hear Owen?” I asked, sitting on the desk.

“Yeah,” he said, his voice sounding detached. “How long are we in Peoria for?”

“Tomorrow until Saturday,” I replied. “Four days. We’re staying at the same hotel as Owen, on a different floor though.”

“Mom and Papa are staying with the rest of our kids?” Edward asked, arching a brow.

“Yeah. I think they need a break from Alice,” I snickered.

“God, I hated foisting her on them, but if Alice had stayed, I would have strangled her,” Edward grumbled, his voice taking on some sort of inflection. 




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