Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Next Chapter Update

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Fiction Pad is experiencing some technical difficulties. When it's up, I'll post the link for the chapter! “Stop screaming, you little brats!” I heard. Then a distinct sound of a slap. The screams grew louder but my body would not cooperate, allowing me to open up my eyes. “Fucking snot-nosed little trolls.” The next thing I knew, my face was being slapped. “Get up, bitch. Your bratty kids won’t shut the fuck up.”
I groaned, trying to open my eyes, but still not able to do so.
“I know what will wake her up,” came another voice. A voice from my past that caused shivers to run down my spine. My ex-husband is dead. Why am I hearing his voice again? A cold hand wrapped around my wrist and he squeezed and twisted. I screamed myself, my eyes shooting open as the pain radiated down my entire arm. My arm was released and I cradled it against my chest, blinking my bleary eyes to focus on where we were at. The furnishings were bland and not cared for. The sign on the door indicated that we were in a motel room somewhere, but I didn’t know where. “Take care of you little bitch kids,” snapped the male voice. I turned to see my ex-father-in-law looming over me with a sneer on his face.
“Mommy!” Lizzie wailed, pulling away from my mother, running to me and crashing her little body against mine. Marie warily followed, scowling at my mom. My body groaned as their weight crushed me. “Can we go home, Mommy? Please? They’re mean.”
“I’ll show you mean,” Mike Sr. snarled.
“Come on, baby. Let’s go into the other room,” Renee snapped. She tugged on Mike’s hand, dragging him into an adjacent room and leaving me with my girls.
“The doors are locked and you’re confined to that bed, Bella,” Mike growled, pointing to a handcuff attached to my uninjured wrist. “No funny business or your daughters will lose their mother.” Renee managed to get him out of the room, but the door was left open.
“What happened?” I asked my daughters.
“We were in a car accident, Mommy,” Lizzie answered, her eyes filling with tears. “You fell asleep and then, two men came and grabbed us. One was that mean man who hurt your arm.”
“Who was the other man?” I asked, trying to sit up but my body was in complete agony.
“He had a bald head with blue eyes. He also had stuff on his face,” Lizzie answered, wrinkling her nose. “He looked familiar, Mommy.”
“Are you two okay? Are you hurt?” I asked.
“Marie’s got a bump on her head and bruises on her tummy. I have scratches on my arms from the glass and bruises, too,” Lizzie answered, showing me her arms. “We’re fine, Mommy.”

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