Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

“Edward, Bettson, Charlie’s got something,” said one of the police officers in that had invaded my home.

“Do you want Goss and Jones?” Detective Bettson asked.

“Charlie said no.”

I buttoned my shirt, tucking it into my jeans as I followed the detective into my office. Inside, Charlie was on Detective Sanchez’s computer with Sanchez looking over his shoulder and the captain of the precinct glaring angrily at the screen. “What’s up?” I asked.

“Close the door,” Charlie commanded. Detective Bettson shut the door, frowning slightly. “Something was not sitting right with Agent Goss. He’s awfully jumpy for a federal agent.”

“Plus, he doesn’t have the trust of his partner,” Sanchez smirked grimly.

“So, I did some digging. It appears that Goss has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble,” Charlie snorted humorlessly. “Goss has over $750,000 in gambling debt. He enjoys the craps tables a little too much. It all started nearly three years ago when his wife left him for a younger man in a much more stable job. There was no spousal support or child support, but the attorney that Goss hired was insanely expensive. So, to try and pay him off, Goss started gambling.”

“Why do I think that there is more?” Bettson asked, arching her brow.

“Because there is,” Charlie explained. “In addition to owing nearly a million dollars to his creditors, Goss is under review by the bureau. His partner, Jones, is supposed to report back everything she sees to their boss. However, based off the paperwork I’ve seen, those reports are filled with holes and gaps, like she was half asleep while she worked with him. Which brings me to my next finding…Goss went to pharmacy school and keeps his license up to date. He made several inquiries for sedatives recently, purchasing some once he started working on your case, Edward.”

“Could he be drugging his partner?” I asked.

“He could be. That would explain the incomplete paperwork,” Charlie huffed. “Have your dad or Ren give her a blood test, check for any residual drugs in her system.”

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