Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Update

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“Bella, can you come to my office?” Marcus asked wearily over the phone. 
“What did I do now?” I grumped.
“Your article on the parking meters,” Marcus sighed. “Alec has asked for revisions.”
“This is crap,” I snapped. “I’m reporting the facts. There is NO opinion in the article. What could he find fault about that article?”
“Bella…” Marcus grumbled.
“I’ll be right there,” I said, grabbing my flash drive along with a hard copy of my article and a red pen. This was ludicrous. How are we supposed to report the news, when this asshole is censoring our voice? It had been a couple of weeks since our Halloween party and things have progressively gotten worse at work.
Suffice it to say, I was ready to hand in my resignation and start working at Starbucks to make ends meet.
Edward, along with Paul, were working tirelessly to find some dirt on Alec Wright, but they found nothing. His record, besides ruining award-winning journalists, was too clean. There had to be something about him that we could use to bring him down. I mean, this work environment was hell.
I. Hated. It.
Stomping into Marcus’s office, I plopped down in the chair opposite of his desk. My boss looked contrite, pushing me a very edited copy of my article on the new parking meter proposal the city council drew up to bring in more revenue for the city. “What did his majesty deem unsuitable this time?”
“One of your sources was a liberal council member. He wanted a conservative take on it. Plus, you sounded, supposedly, like you were not in favor of this proposal,” Marcus cringed.
“This is horse shit! I’m neither for nor against this fucking proposal, Marcus! I don’t care about the fact that we need to have parking meters in the city. I have a nice, climate controlled garage and utilize public transportation if I’m too schlitzed to drive,” I spat. I scanned the article and the meat of my story was torn to shreds. “How am I supposed to get this done? I’m assuming he wants it in tomorrow’s edition, right?”
"Bingo,"  Marcus said, grimacing. He also slid a piece of paper across the desk for me. “These are the approved council members he would like in that story.”
I glanced at the list and each of them are known for not talking to the press. “I’m going to honest with you, Marcus; I do not think that I’ll get a quote from any one of these douchebags. We’re going to probably have to run my original article, sources be damned. I’ll try and change the wording to avoid the supposed opinion that Alec is accusing me of, but getting these guys to talk is like getting my ex-fiancé to admit that he likes girls.”

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