Friday, November 15, 2013

Angels and Monsters Update

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I don’t know why I ran off. The emptiness in my chest consumed me. I wanted to turn around and be with Bella as long as I could before she ran off to surrender herself to James, but logic wasn’t ruling my brain at the moment. My anger and hatred were.
I loved my angel. My Bella was my light and my everything, but ever since I woke up from being changed into a vampire, we’d been in one horrible situation after another. I wanted my happily ever after with my angel. I didn’t want to deal with psycho sadistic sires, redheads hell-bent on revenge and let’s not forget about my ex-fiancée, Tanya.
I wanted my life to be normal. Well, as normal as a newborn vampire’s life can be. This constant drama was too much and I yearned for time for just me and Bella. Spending time with each other, loving each other and enjoying those full body orgasms. How did she do that? My guess is that it’s probably related to her shield and our connection.
I knew I was having a temper tantrum by running away. There just had to be another way to make this work. I hated the vision that Alice had on repeat in her mind in surrendering to James. Alice and Bella were giving up. They were willingly going to the enemy. I couldn’t bear the thought of Bella being on the same planet as James. He was a monster who stole my mate’s innocence along with her life when he ravaged her body. Now, she was willingly going to go back into his clutches? I don’t fucking think so. James will be a pile of ash before that happens.
I ran until I found myself in front of the rubble of what was once my mom and Richard’s brownstone. I growled at the destruction I saw because of Victoria and James. The home I’d known for most of my adult life was now ash, broken beams and shattered dreams. I was so angry at them for ruining everything in my life that was good. Bella was tortured and tormented by James, finally finding happiness and love with her whirlwind relationship with me.
Why couldn’t he leave well enough alone?
Because he’s a sadistic mother fucker who only thinks of himself. Hence, his demand for Alice and Bella.

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