Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witch Way Repost

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I felt so sorry Angela. She had such horrible luck when it came to guys. Her high school boyfriend broke up with her at prom, saying he got the class slut pregnant and he wasn’t in love with her. She then began dating a guy in college. They were engaged and he told her that he was gay. Now, Laurent? Can this girl catch a break? I was nauseated when I saw him hovering over my roommate, pounding into her body. I was ready to blow him up, but Edward’s words lingered in my mind. Don’t use your powers in front of humans. They shouldn’t know of our existence.
However, Edward didn’t heed his own advice. He darted to Laurent and slammed into the wall. Angela’s breathing became erratic and she was scared of Edward. Hell, I was scared of Edward. For the first time, I looked at him as a predator. His eyes were black with hatred and he was ready to kill. He pushed Laurent up the wall with one hand, cutting off his air supply. Laurent was easily a good five inches taller than Edward and was at least seventy-five pounds heavier. Edward lifted him like he was nothing. Edward’s normally beautiful face was twisted into a vicious snarl. Go! He commanded.
Angela scrambled to me and I helped her out of the hallway. I heard what Edward was doing to Laurent and it was sickening. However, that douche bag deserved it. He deserved death for what he did to Ang. I was never more terrified of Edward or more proud. I know it took all of his control not to kill him. But he didn’t. Laurent will forever be scarred for life and he will always remember what happened to him.
We drove back to Edward’s home. Carlisle was waiting for us and he picked up Angela from the car. She melted into his arms, crying quietly. Edward hung back, almost ashamed of what he did. I tugged on his hand and he followed me into his home. Carlisle carried Angela to his office and Edward followed him soon afterward. I could hear that he was upset that he frightened her. That he had exposed who he was to not one but two humans. I heard a commotion upstairs and Carlisle came back down. He looked visibly upset and he gave me a tight smile. Alice had joined me and wrapped her arms around my waist, soothing my hair. Esme was upstairs getting clothing for Angela. Afterward, all three of us sat on the couch, waiting for some word about Angela’s condition. I knew it couldn’t have been good. When we walked out of the bar, I could see a trail of blood falling down her legs. I fought back the overwhelming urge to throw up and stayed strong for my friend.
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