Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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The drive back to Sherryville was short, thankfully. We came home to an empty house, forgetting that Carlisle and Esme were in New Jersey with the kids at Six Flags. Edward called his adoptive parents. They explained that they were going to be back in the early afternoon. Edward and I went about loading up laundry before collapsing in our bed to take a nap. A much needed nap. Our wakeup call just before five-thirty was a bit much for the balloon ride.  Romantic as could be, but too damn early.
Just before the kids were set to return, Edward went and picked up some fast food. I needed to go grocery shopping. The pantry was bare and premade meals were not in the freezer. So, Edward went out to get some dinner. He also had to pick up Nessie from the boarding facility since our usual dogsitters were out with our kids. While he was out, Carlisle and Esme returned with three rambunctious and hyper children. They were dazed, obviously grateful to be dropping off their grandchildren back home. “Did you all behave?” I asked my bouncing babies.
“Momma! We have go back!” Lizzie squealed. “Can we? Please?”
“They were begging to go on the roller coasters but were too small,” Carlisle said as he passed Marie off to me. She was weepy looking, sucking on her thumb. I tickled her belly. She giggled half-heartedly before snuggling into my arms. “David and Lizzie are closet adrenaline junkies.”
“It looked like so much fun, Papa!” David said, tugging on Carlisle’s shorts, wrapping his arms around his legs. My father-in-law had some very white legs. Ghostly white.
“You’ve got about six more inches before you can ride that, David,” Carlisle said, ruffling his short hair. My son scowled before stomping into the family room. Lizzie followed him, yelling about how they could bypass the height requirement. “How did you handle Disney?”
“They got sick,” I giggled. “We had a day and a half of relative quiet.”
“Between EJ and Grace and your three, we’re plum tuckered out,” Esme said, yawning widely. “We’re going to go and collapse. BUT before we do, are you and Edward better?”
“We’re better. It was all the stress of the whole situation that got to us,” I said, kissing Marie’s forehead. She nuzzled in my arms, burying her nose into my hair. “I think it will definitely improve once all of this is behind us. Did either one of you hear from Detective Sanchez or my psychotic mother?”
“Nope, not a word,” Carlisle said, pursing his lips. “I’m assuming you didn’t hear anything, either?”
“Bingo,” I shrugged. “I’m going to go under the assumption that no news is good news at this point. Thank you for taking them to Six Flags. At some point, we should go out to dinner as a thank you for arranging that trip and keeping our babies.”
“Psh!” Esme said, waving her hand.
“I insist, Esme,” I smiled, giving her a warm smile. “You’ve done so much for us. You probably saved our marriage.”

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