Saturday, September 28, 2013

Witch Way Repost

Chapter Five on FFn

Witch Way on FictionPad

Chapter Five on AO3

All throughout my ‘episode,’ I was aware of Edward. He never left my side. He protected me, kept me safe. His strong arms held me as I slept off whatever happened to me. While I rested, my mind was churning and twisting. At some point, I heard something that Edward was thinking. I surprised me. He was supposed to be the mind reader. Not me. I called out to him, using my inner voice. Edward?
He didn’t respond and I could feel our connection grow stronger as we stayed together. I tried calling out to him again. Edward, I feel you.
“Bella?” he whispered.
I know you are with me. Protecting me. Thank you, Edward.
“How? Your mind is closed to me?” he squeaked.
I’m not sure, Edward. However, I can hear your thoughts, as well. I’m fine. Just resting.
I could feel my mind get tired and I wanted to sleep some more. I faintly heard Edward talking to me. Encouraging me to rest. I happily obliged and snuggled closer to his cold, marble chest.

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