Monday, September 2, 2013

Mafia Princess Update

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The next morning dawned bright. Too bright, really. I woke up due to the fact that there were no window coverings on Edward’s windows. As soon as the sun hit my lids, I was up. I groaned, flopping over to curl up to Edward for a morning cuddle and perhaps a breakfast blowjob.
I came up empty. Edward’s side of the bed was cold. “Where did he go?” I asked, frowning deeply. As if in response to my question, my hand brushed against a sheet of computer paper from his printer.
My love,
I’ve gone to pick up some breakfast for us. I forgot how bright the sun was in the morning and I was up as soon as it broached the horizon of my window. I didn’t want my restlessness to wake you, so I’m getting food. I, honestly, have none in the apartment since I’m not here. I should be back soon. Hopefully, before you wake, but if not…here’s why.
I love you,
Your, Edward

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