Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Angels and Monsters Teaser

“BELLA!” called Edward. Despite the volume of his call, his voice sounded incredibly weak. I wrenched myself out of Rose’s arms and dashed down the stairs. Edward was being held up by Emmett and Jasper. His pale skin was ghostly white. He looked like a walking skeleton, he was so emaciated. His eyes were black, but not as hollow and empty. He wore Emmett’s shirt, which was entirely too big on him and I just knew that he had a huge, red scar on his torso.

When he saw me, he stumbled to me and wrapped his arms around my body weakly. His mind was a jumble of happiness in being reunited, pain from his injuries and hunger from losing so much venom. “My angel, my Bella,” he chanted over and over again, clinging to me like a limpet. Carlisle’s mind was admonishing Edward. He had only drunk from two deer before pitching a bitch fit to get back to me.

“Both of you need to hunt,” Esme said, breaking our reverie. “Edward, more than anything, you need to get some carnivorous blood into your system.”

“I needed her,” Edward sobbed, looking at Esme. His mind was still repeating my angel, my Bella. He looked at me, taking my face into his hands. “I needed to see if she was okay.”

“As you can see, she’s fine,” Alice said. “You, my dear sir, will not be. You’re still not strong enough and if you don’t gorge yourself soon, I see you drifting into that trance-like state. Bella, take your mate and get him to eat.”

“Let me help you, Bella,” Emmett offered, walking toward my husband. I hissed at him. “Bella, I know that we haven’t had the most positive relationship, but you’re in no state to carry this bag of bones.”

“Shut the fuck up, Emmett,” Edward growled pitifully. “I don’t want you, I want her.”

“At least let Emmett help you to the Canadian border. After that, we’ll let you both feast and reconnect,” Carlisle said, arching his brow.

“Reconnect?” Edward and I asked.

“You need to fuck like rabbits,” Jasper snickered. “Your bond was frayed when you both were injured. You need to rebuild it. I can feel the hollow, emptiness from both of you, despite clinging to each other.”

“Come on, Eddie,” Emmett said, reaching for my mate. Reluctantly, I released him and he practically fell into Emmett’s arms. Emmett, holding Edward, along with Jasper, Alice and me, ran through the darkness to the Canadian border. We had to stop once to get some more blood for Edward since he was drifting. Once he had the blood of a wolf, he perked up and was more aware. We crossed into Canada near Thunder Bay and ran to Quetico Provincial Park. 

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