Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Next Chapter Update

Chapter Twenty-One on FFn

Chapter Twenty-One on TWCS

I was so fucking nervous. My mother, the woman who carried me for nine months, was threatening me, my family and my career. All for five fucking million dollars. Fucking evil bitch.
Detective Sanchez and Seth were meeting with us today, four days after we received the letter, to discuss the letter my mother sent. A squad car picked it up after we called it in, to scan for prints and any other trace evidence. Edward took a picture of it and copied it to our computer. He was livid. And that’s putting it mildly. He was ready to contact Renee, using the throw away phone I purchased to tell her that she was not getting her money and that she should rot in the deepest pits of hell for even threatening us.

I stopped him from doing that. I wanted to put my mother away for a long time and his ire would add fuel to the fire.

Alice picked up the children, keeping them at her place while we met with Detective Sanchez and Seth to discuss a plan of action. I was pacing in the family room, nervous, pissed off and ready for all of this shit to be done. Edward was researching bodyguards on his computer.

I personally think that’s ludicrous, but he was still determined to check them out.

The doorbell rang and I let out a startled yelp. Edward got up from his spot on the couch, wrapping his arms around me. “It’s okay, beautiful girl,” he whispered, kissing my forehead. “Your mom probably wouldn’t ring the doorbell.”

“Ass,” I smirked, pinching his side. He smacked my ass lightly and walked to the door, opening it up to find Detective Sanchez and Seth standing on our doorstep. “Come in, please.” Seth walked in first, hugging me tightly. He was the attorney who represented me with my divorce from Mike. He was also our go-to for any legal issues since we couldn’t use Jasper; he was family and it was a conflict of interest. Detective Sanchez was the lead detective on Mike’s stalking of me. We trusted him. 

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