Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

“I’ll let you guys talk. The kids are safe with us and we’ll keep them until you come home, Bella,” Esme said sweetly, kissing my cheek. “Tell her about Charlie…”

“Yeah, I will,” Edward sighed. Esme kissed his head, leaving the room after Edward asked her to put Dr. Eddy out of his misery and send him on his way. However, Dr. Eddy was quite stubborn and probably wouldn’t leave until he saw me for himself.


“What’s this about Charlie?” I asked.

“He’s flying out and possibly staying for the duration of this ordeal with Renee. He feels responsible or something. So, he’ll be arriving at La Guardia tomorrow afternoon. He and Sue will be staying with my parents in the pool house unless there’s some drama with his ex-wife,” Edward said. “Carlisle is going to pick them up tomorrow.”

I rubbed my head, overwhelmed with the overload of information. Not to mention, a pounding headache that was unrelenting from my fight with the kitchen counter. The counter won. “When will this stop, Edward?” I whimpered, tears filling my eyes.

“Sooner the better, my beautiful girl,” he whispered back, crawling into bed with me.

“Edward, we’ll get into trouble,” I hissed, trying to push him out of the bed.

“Fuck it. I’m the boss,” he retorted. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me to his chest. “Sleep, baby.”

“I’m not tired,” I said, telling the truth. Well, kind of. I was drained but my mind was going a mile a minute. 
Not helping the pounding timpani drums in my noggin.

“You’re yawning and slumped against me,” he argued.

“My brain won’t shut off,” I grumbled. “My mom, the woman who bore me, single-handedly ruined my career. I’ll never be able to be an educator again because of this one false accusation.”

“Do you want something to help you sleep?” Edward asked. “Perhaps some anti-anxiety medication? A low dose to help calm you?”

I thought about it, biting my lip. I looked up into Edward’s eyes. His green orbs were sad and swirling with frustration and helplessness. I know I probably looked the same, with a touch of resignation and shock, too. “I want the meds.”

“Okay,” he said, pushing the call button. 

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