Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hey all…just a few things I need to bring to your attention. 
Number one ~ I’m getting ready to head back to school (to work…yay!) I’ve been off for the summer and I’ve had a ton of time to write. So, you all got spoiled. Tee hee. As such, since I have to be at work for eight hours a day with an hour commute, either way, my writing time is being cut down significantly. Mainly the evenings and the weekends. 
Number two ~ I know that I’ve got a number of stories on the stove right now. Mafia Princess is pretty much pre-written and that’s why I’m able to post every day. My other stories will be completed, I promise. That being said…here’s the update schedule
  • A Ilha do Amor (sometime this week)
  • Starlet (I can’t leave them hanging like that…come on! I’m not that cruel)
  • The Next Chapter (I’d like to finish this one by the end of August, so this may be my focus other than sporadic Mafia Princess Updates).
Number three ~ Thanks to everyone who’s supported me with my goofy update schedule. I am the type of person to finish something that I’ve started. Very rarely do I give up. It may take me a long time, but I do finish things I start. So, please be patient. 
Questions? Comments? Concerns? No? 
Great! Thanks!

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