Monday, August 5, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

“You want to see our room?” I asked, dangling the key in her face.
“Fuck yeah,” she grinned. I handed her the key and she opened the door, slipping inside of the suite. It was decorated rustically. There was a large king-sized bed in the center of the room with a crisp, white bedspread. Our suite overlooked the Puget Sound and the lights of Seattle twinkled in the distance. A fire was lit across from the bed and it bathed the room in a romantic glow. To the right, there was a large bathroom with a bath and luxurious looking shower. “This is amazing, Edward. Thank you.”
“I’m glad you like it, gorgeous girl,” I murmured, wrapping my arms around her waist. “Now, I’ve got another surprise for you, baby.” I tugged on her hand and opened up the closet. Inside, there was a taupe and pink shift dress along with some heels. “We’re going out to eat and then I’ve got the rest of your present.”

“This dress looks brand new,” she deadpanned.

“That’s because it is. I checked your closet to see what size you were and I picked it out myself. I even found you some fancy underwear to put on underneath,” I said, holding up a pink lacy bra and panty set. “We’ve got some time if you want to shower and clean up.”

“You want to join me?” she purred, running her fingers along my chest.

“Um, let me think,” I said, tapping my lips and rolling my eyes heavenward. “Yeah!” I scooped her up and carried her into the bathroom. We stripped out of clothes as the bathtub filled. I wanted to wait before we made love since I was going to cherish her tonight. Bella almost got me to buckle, but I stayed firm and let my hands wander. I teased her with sensual caresses to her breasts, her thighs, her outer lips of her pussy…she was a writhing mess, begging for more by the time the water cooled and we had to get out.

“You. Are. Evil. Edward,” she said, her eyes glassy and unfocused. “All I want is your cock and I want it now.”

“Well, birthday girl, you’ll have to wait for my cock,” I said as I kissed her softly. “Because you’re going to get that, my mouth and my fingers once we get back from dinner.” She blinked up at me, obviously out of it. I backed away and watched as she caught herself on the counter. I chuckled, walking into the room and grabbed her toiletry bag filled with her makeup. “I’ll let you finish getting ready. Once you’re done, I’ve got your first present.”

“Edward, you’ve done far too much already,” she chided, shaking her head out of her stupor.

“Well, this present was already given to me. You don’t need to worry about me spending too much money on you since I technically didn’t spend anything,” I smirked. Bella pursed her lips, crossing her arms over her still-bare breasts. “Baby, I do this because I love you. Please, don’t fight me?”

“It’s weird for me, Edward. I mean, for the longest time, my birthday wasn’t acknowledged. I wasn’t spoiled. I didn’t expect it. So, I’ll try to be a bit more gracious, but please be patient with me because it’s what I’m not used to,” she frowned.

I crossed over to her, cupping her face and forcing her sad chocolate eyes to mine. “I plan on doing for the rest of our lives, Bella. You know that, right?” I asked.

“I do. So, I may as well get my bellyaching out now,” she quipped. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she brushed her lips across mine. “Okay, bub. I’ve got to get ready to go to this mystery dinner location.”

“However, eating a naked picnic in front of the fireplace is looking more and more appealing,” I growled, cupping her bare ass.

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