Friday, August 9, 2013

La Cantante Repost

Chapter Twenty-Nine on FFn

Chapter Twenty-Nine on TWCS

Chapter Twenty-Nine on AO3

Something has got to give. First, there’s the situation with Jacob and his sick obsession with me. Ugh. Then, the problem with Seth and his photography issues, working with Jacob to torment me! Finally, James and his accusations of cheating. I’m seriously...
What. The. Fuck?
Does God have a personal vendetta towards me? Does he want me to be permanently pissed off? All of this is fucking with my life. Fucking with my relationships with my roommates, my brother and most importantly my boyfriend. He’s sullen and scared. I’m terrified of my own shadow and exhausted due to the recurrence of my nightmares. Something has got to give. If not, it’s going to rip us all to shreds.
I’m secretly looking forward to the trip to Toronto with Emerson Express. I need time away from all of the drama. Edward needs time away from all of the drama. We just need time to be with each other, have fun and act like stupid college kids in love with each other. Even if it’s for a few hours on a bus, then I’ll take it. Edward was in hyper-vigilant protective mode. So are my roommates. He refuses to let go anywhere alone. He’s suctioned to my side, fearful that something will happen to me. I understand and appreciate his concern, but I do need space. This trip for a few days will do that. At least I hope so.
Four Seasons Centre

Coach Bus...brings back memories


I so prefer Old Country Buffet over Golden Corral

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