Thursday, August 15, 2013

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Eighteen on FFn

Chapter Eighteen on AO3

Chapter Eighteen on TWCS

“Why are we traveling in the sewers?” Jasper moaned. “It smells foul down here.”
“It’s because we are walking in shit,” Edward replied. “Your genius wife said that there was a slew of newborns down here in the sewers, dragging humans to their deaths.”
“I hate walking in the mucky, disgusting water as much you do,” Alice snapped. “My jeans are designer!”
“Now, they’re designer garbage,” I quipped.
Alice hissed at me, giving me a glower. “Besides, it’s sunny out and I refuse to let today be wasted because we sparkle like a damn disco ball,” Alice grumbled.
“Why didn’t you see that it was going to be sunny, Ali?” Edward asked, innocently.
“I don’t know. My visions are all sorts of wonky, lately. I really think that one of their new creations is some sort of jammer. He’s jamming my vision frequency, or something. I can’t see anything. It’s frustrating and I hate not knowing what the hell is going on,” Alice sighed, running her fingers through her spiky hair.
“Is this jam recent?” I asked.
“Within the last twenty-four hours,” she said, hopping to the side of the sewer, walking on a slightly raised platform out of the water.

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