Friday, August 2, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update...Epilogue

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"Thank you, Dr. Cullen," said my young patient, Sarah.
"Now, what did I say?" I admonished, giving her a soft and encouraging smile. She may be my patient, but I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. I wanted her to call my by my first name.
"Sorry, Bella," she blushed, shooting a furtive glance my direction. "I'll see you next week?"
"Nope, in three weeks, Sarah. I'm going on vacation with my husband and my family," I explained. She panicked. Sarah didn't handle change well. Every week, we spent an hour in my office on Wednesday talking about school, life and anxieties surrounding them. She was also mildly autistic and suffered from a fairly severe case of OCD. "Breathe, Sarah." She panted and wrapped her arms around her belly. After a few moments, she calmed, looking at me with wide eyes. "You have the number of my associate, Dr. Greene. If it's an emergency, she can call me okay?"
Sarah breathed deeply and looked at her feet. She was still slightly panicked. "Okay," she replied. Swallowing convulsively, she looked back up at me. "Where are you going on vacation?"
"We're going to the Outer Banks," I responded, walking with her to reception. "We're celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary with our friends and family." The first week was going to be spent in Nags Head with our friends and family. After that, our children were going to fly back with Nana and Poppy to get ready for school. Edward and I were going to spend an additional week on our own, rekindling the fire.
Not like we needed help. We were plenty hot on our own.
"Have fun, Bella," Sarah said, giving me a timid smile. "Don't get too sunburnt."
"I won't," I replied, returning her grin. "See you when we get back." 


Rental Home

Outer Banks excursions

Wedding Renewal




Bella's bouquet

Angelie's bouquet

Photo Op

Bella's dress


Three-stone anniversary ring

Blue Zircon Earrings

New 'promise' ring


Edward's outfit

Bella's hair

Bella's necklace

Family photo op

Bella's barefoot sandals

Angelie's Pendant

Brandon's bracelet


Bella's present to Edward

Angelie's dress (with a blue sash)

Edward's tattoo

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