Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Dear God, I had the sexiest girlfriend on the planet. In the universe. Hell, in the freaking galaxy! Do you get the point? And she didn’t even have to try.
As I lay next to her, I looked over the perfection that was Bella Swan, the most wonderful woman in my life. My true love.  Also, my favorite nurse at work. Her silky brown hair cascaded over her bare shoulder as she slumbered in my bed. She deserved it. The rest, that is. We were up late last night making love. It was seriously my new favorite past time. Each time we made love it was just like our first time…magical and perfect.
Who knew that my girl was so bendy?
I certainly didn’t.
I wondered if she was up for a repeat performance this morning before we headed into work today? We were both on the three to midnight shift and it was some time before we had to be up. My cock was definitely up for a repeat performance. He was twitching against my girl’s ass, begging for some smexy times.
I ran my finger along her spine, reveling in the smoothness of her alabaster skin. Gooseflesh erupted along her back as I continued to trace her back. I ran my fingertip along her skin and spelled out our names together on her back. Isabella Cullen. Nice ring, hmmm? Heh, a guy can dream.
“Hmmm, feels good,” she cooed with her raspy voice. She turned her head to look at me, giving me a lazy and satisfied smile. “How is it that you can touch me and I feel like my body’s on fire?”
“Because I know what kind of touches turn you on, sweet girl,” I answered as I leaned down to press soft kisses along her back, following the same pattern as my fingers. Her scent was a natural aphrodisiac for me. The addition of my scent on her skin caused my arousal to become painful, begging for some sort of action.

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