Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Twenty on FFn

Chapter Twenty on TWCS

Chapter Twenty on AO3

“Edward, really? A blindfold?” she asked, arching a brow.
“You said you trusted me,” I reiterated.
“I do, but why do you want to blindfold me?”
I huffed out a breath, glowering at her. She sighed and took the blindfold from my hands. Tying it around her eyes, she reached for me. Carefully, I put her into the passenger seat of my brand new red Chevy Camaro. I made sure that everything was secured in the trunk before jogging to the driver’s side. After I started the car, I backed it out and drove toward the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. In my conversation with Charlie, he told me that it was her favorite hotel and was truly upset that she didn’t have her wedding there with Tyler. So, I checked with the manager, discovering that there was an opening this weekend. I booked it and checked in just prior to arriving at Alki Beach.
Bella blindly reached for my hand. I threaded my fingers with hers. “You okay, gorgeous girl?” I asked.
“Just a bit disconcerted with being blindfolded,” she deadpanned.
“We’re about ten minutes away, my love,” I said, kissing her palm. “I think you’ll be happy.” After a short drive, I parked the car in the front circle of the hotel. Reaching over, I released Bella’s blindfold. She gasped. “You like?”
“How did you get reservations?” she breathed.
“It wasn’t that difficult, Bella,” I said. “Your dad said that this was your favorite hotel as a kid.”
“It still is. I mean, the hotel is on the freaking water!” she beamed. “Thank you, baby!” Leaning over, she kissed me soundly on the lips. She bounced out of the car and acted more like my sister, squealing and jumping on her toes. I laughed as I handed over the keys to valet, leading her through the lobby. I walked us to the elevators. Bella gave me a look. “Don’t we need to check in?”
“Already done, Bella,” I said holding up two keycards. 

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