Wednesday, July 3, 2013

La Cantante Repost

Chapter Twenty-Seven on AO3

Chapter Twenty-Seven on FFn

Chapter Twenty-Seven on TWCS


What the fuck? Who is bellowing at…I can't even see the fucking clock.

I grumbled and threw a pillow over my head. I faintly heard Edward telling whoever was yelling to shut the hell up. He pulled me to his body, burying his face into my hair.

"Too early," he mumbled.

"Yes, too early," I replied, gently patting his head. "Sleep, baby. Maybe the snow screamer will disappear."

We heard the door fly open. "IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED! Get up you guys!"

"No such luck, beautiful," Edward muttered. He poked his head up and growled. He picked up a pillow from his bed and tossed it at the offending voice. "Must you do this EVERY TIME it snows, Mary Alice?"

"Yes, Edward Anthony. It's tradition," she replied. "Get your lazy asses up out of bed and we're making snow angels, building a snow fort, and having a snow ball fight."

"Alice. We're in college. Not elementary school," I said into the pillow. "I'm not going to freeze my ass off in 'God's Dandruff,' thank you very much."

"Go bother someone else, Mary Alice. I'm warm. I'm happy. I'm cuddled with my beautiful girlfriend. I don't want to go freeze my nads off," Edward snapped. "I'm quite attached to them."

"Everyone else is up, Grumpward. Come on!" Alice screeched. She ran to the bed and threw back the covers. I crawled into a fetal position against Edward's chest. He wrapped himself around me.

"Fuck! Alice! You are cruel and mean and you just suck!" Edward roared. She then put her hands on Edward's back. "And you're fucking FREEZING! Did you put your hands in a snow bank?" he asked as he jumped out of bed.

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