Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angels and Monsters Teaser

Drive. Fast. He commanded with his mind. I nodded and turned over the car. I pulled away from the house, peeling down the driveway and nearly running over Garrett. He laughed heartily, mentally and told us to not break anything. I snorted and broke every single traffic law to get to Milwaukee. Thank goodness, there was no traffic at two in the morning. I made it into Milwaukee in no time. The first hotel I saw was the Iron Horse Hotel.

Hold your breath, Edward. You’re not in control, I said to him. His eyes were black onyx and so there was no concern about scaring the concierge with his blood-red eyes. I shielded him and we walked into the hotel after we used the valet to park the car. I walked up to the front desk. “Hello,” I said seductively.

The concierge looked at me, his blue eyes appraising me. Fuck, she’s gorgeous. I wonder if that’s her brother. “Welcome to the Iron Horse Hotel,” he said, his voice squeaking slightly. Jesus, am I going through puberty again? “How can I help you?”

“My husband and I were on a road trip and we just need a break for a few days. Do you have a room available?” I asked, dazzling him with my vampiric beauty.

“The only room available is the suite,” he responded after he checked the computer. “Would that be alright for you?” And your husband, he sneered mentally.

“Perfect,” I said as I put down my new Isabella Masen credit card. “Three nights, please?” His mental grumblings were about he’d end up alone with a cat. He handed me the credit slip which I signed with a flourish. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Room 609,” he said, handing me two keys. “Do you need help up to the room, Mrs. Masen?”

“No,” Edward growled as his arms shot around me, nuzzling my neck. “Come on, Mrs. Masen. I need to fuck my wife.” I waved at the concierge as I was dragged to the elevator. Once the lift arrived, Edward pulled me inside, lifting me as he devoured my mouth. 

Iron Horse Hotel

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