Friday, July 5, 2013

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Seventeen on FFn

Chapter Seventeen on TWCS

Chapter Seventeen on AO3

Edward took off like a shot. I don’t know where he was running but I knew that I needed him something fierce. My pants were drenched from our fight while playing capture the flag. “Where are we going, Edward?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I need to be away from them. I love our family, but they can be overbearing,” he said as he sprinted.

“Go to the house and pick up a car. We can stay in a hotel in Milwaukee,” I said as I sucked on his neck.

“You’re fucking brilliant, angel,” he growled, changing his course. We made it back to the house. I flew upstairs, packing a bag for a few days for both of us. Edward was waiting in the kitchen of Esme’s home, eyeing me hungrily. “Will I be okay in the hotel, Bella?”

“You have remarkable restraint, Edward,” I said as I walked toward him, cupping his neck to bring him to kiss me. “I can shield you, if you’re nervous,” I murmured before covering his lips with mine. He picked me up and growled lowly in the back of his throat. His erection was straining against his pants. “Edward, I can hear them coming. We’ve got to go.”

“Fuck,” he moaned as he pulled away from me. “Do not touch me until we get to the hotel, angel. I will seriously not be held accountable for my actions if you do.”

“Got it,” I giggled. I picked up my keys and we ran out to my Ferrari. I was in more control of my body and I got into the driver’s seat. Edward slid into the passenger’s seat, staring at me like I was his next meal. 

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