Thursday, July 4, 2013

Angels and Monsters Teaser

“Victoria and James have become sloppy.”

“What do you mean?” Esme questioned, taking Carlisle’s hand.

“It means that James and Victoria are unleashing savages in the city, not teaching them the proper ways to be a vampire,” Carlisle said sadly. “The girl we destroyed is only one of…how many did Aro say?”

“Roughly thirty, plus James, Victoria, and Tanya. I also think that Laurent also arrived. His trademark for leaving bodies is to give a bloody kiss on the lips of his victims,” Eleazar growled. “There have been ten bodies found like that all around the city. In the open air, not buried or destroyed.”

“Is that normal? Ten bodies?” Edward asked.

“It seems a bit gluttonous,” Kate shuddered. “Perhaps Laurent is trying to forget the taste of animal blood and he’s gorging himself on humans. What did the humans look like?”

“They all looked similar to Irina,” Eleazar frowned. “I think he’s sending you a message, my daughter.”

“He wants revenge?” Irina asked, her face deepening into a frown. “I don’t understand why. It’s not like I forced him to drink from the blood of animals. He said he wanted to change.”

“He also said he loved you and that you were his mate and then he got the bug up his ass that you weren’t. Irina, Laurent is an asshole,” Kate spat. “You deserve better than him.”

“Spoken like a mated woman,” Irina growled, her golden eyes filling with tears. “You all have someone. I’m alone now and I hate it!” She hopped up and stomped to the window, trying to not cry. Carmen got up and wrapped her arm around Irina’s shoulders. She turned, crying into Carmen’s neck.

“Use those feelings,” Jasper said to Irina. “I know you feel betrayed, hurt and angry.”

“You’re an empath. I had forgotten,” Irina sniffled, wiping her nose daintily. “How do I use those emotions? I’m hurt more than anything.”

“No, you’re angry,” Jasper said, narrowing his eyes. “The hurt is the most prevalent emotion now, but you have a deep-seated anger towards Laurent for using you. Use it, Irina. Make him pay for what he did to you.”

“Back to the Volturi,” Carlisle interrupted. “Irina, I’m sorry about what Laurent did to you, but he’s a part of the problem.”

“I understand, Carlisle. Let’s just say that Laurent has fucked with the wrong woman,” Irina snarled, sitting down next to Kate, who hugged her sister. “I apologize, Carlisle. Let’s talk about taking these assholes down.”

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