Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Prescription for Love Teaser

“Thanks, Jenn. Call me if there are any emergencies,” I said, frowning slightly.

“The only way I’m calling you is if the apocalypse was coming and the four riders were in our waiting room. And that’s a big if,” she smirked. I nodded and I packed up my laptop bag. Jenn gave me a hug and I locked up my office. In the waiting room, Edward, Angelie and my sweet baby boy, Brandon were waiting for me.

“Mama!” Brandon squealed, trying to launch himself out of his father’s arms.

“Whoa, buddy,” Edward chuckled, putting him on the ground as my son ran up to me, wrapping his arms around my legs.

“We fly tomorrow, Mama,” he said, his hazel eyes shining up at me.

“I know, sweetie,” I smiled, picking him up and kissing his forehead. Brandon was a mini-clone of Edward. The only differences were his eye color, which was hazel, and hair color, which was more brown than red. Other than that, Brandon looked exactly like Edward. Esme showed me pictures and it was freaky how much Brandon resembled his father. Angelie was a perfect blend of Edward and me. She had my pale skin and deep brown eyes but reddish hair and Rose’s features. She was going to be a knockout when she got older. Hell, she was already gorgeous at the age of nine. I turned to my daughter and she fell into my arms, snuggling into my embrace. “How are you doing, baby girl?”

“Good, Mama,” she said.

I looked up and my eyes found the bright shining ones of my husband. The past ten years have been kind to him. And to me, also. He was in shape, still muscular and sexy at the age of forty-four. His face was just as chiseled and he still looked like a Greek god to me. His hair, which was still mostly bronze, had a touch of grey at the temples and scattered throughout his unruly mop. 
“Ever hear of a comb, Edward,” I giggled, ruffling his hair.

“How many years have you been asking me that?” he snickered, cupping my face and kissing me sweetly. “Love you, sweet girl.”

“Love you, too,” I smiled against his lips.

“No kissy face,” Brandon squawked.

“I’ll show you kissy face,” Edward growled playfully, scooping Brandon up off the ground. He lifted his shirt and blew a loud raspberry into his belly. Brandon squealed and kicked his legs. Rolling my eyes, I walked past my two goofy men and out into the lobby of the medical building.

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