Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update..

Chapter Thirty-Three on FFn

Chapter Thirty-Three on AO3

Chapter Thirty-Three on TWCS
Christmas Eve.
One year ago, I was battling demons against my father. I was fighting my own self-esteem. I was at my lowest point. I honestly wanted to end it all. That is until I met a certain green-eyed doctor who bought me coffee and became my friend.
My best friend.
My rock.
My strength.
My love.
I looked up at myself in the mirror as I got ready to go to Cook County Hospital. I looked healthier. My hair was curly and shiny. My face was a flushed pink, glowing from within. My body was smaller but still a bit chunky. With Edward's diet of six mini-meals, I'd started gaining weight. Honestly, I was glad about that. I didn't like seeing myself as thin. I liked my curves. I missed them. My goal was to gain the weight I lost from being in the coma which was roughly twenty pounds. I was happy with that weight. Edward loved me at that weight.

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