Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Prescription for Love Teaser

Back at home, I opened my present from Garrett. Inside were two boxes and a card. I opened the card first and saw a postcard of two cats, one flying at the other ready to attack. Printed along the bottom of the card was the saying ‘My gift to you is my mad Ninja skills. Happy Birthday.’ On the back of the card was a hand-written note from Garrett.

Dear Bells,

I hope you have a great birthday. If Edward gets out of line, don’t hesitate to call on me for some assistance with my ninja skills. But, you keep in line pretty well. Enjoy your presents and relish in Edward’s spoiling of you. You deserve it, baby sis!

I love you,

Garrett (aka Ninja Master ~ HIYA!)

I snorted.


“Your best friend,” I replied, handing him the card.

Edward snickered, rolling his eyes. “Only Garrett. What did he get you?”

“I’m almost afraid to look,” I said, eyeing the bag warily. “Watch, it’s a shuriken.”

“What the hell is that?” Edward asked, arching a brow.

“Ninja throwing star,” I answered, poking the brightly colored bag.

“I doubt that Garrett would get you a shuri-whatever,” Edward deadpanned. “Open it up, sweet girl. I’m dying of curiosity.”

I picked up the bag and pulled out the two boxes nestled inside. One was a coaster describing the qualities of a ‘Virgo.’ Some of them were kind of inappropriate but the rest were funny. The second box had an Authentic Phrenology Head. Garrett tucked a card inside, saying that I needed it when I started classes on Tuesday. I took my two presents from Garrett and put them on the dresser.

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