Sunday, April 14, 2013

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Can I just share that I hate being a gimp? I can’t believe I fell Monday morning. I can’t believe that I fucking sprained my ankle. At least I lasted a month without significantly maiming myself or anyone that I love. I think that is a new record. Go me!
Do you hear my sarcasm? Heh, I thought not.
After a week of gimpiness, I started to move a little better on Sunday evening. I still had a slight limp, but I could at least walk around without being in pain. Edward was incredibly sweet the entire weekend. He made sure I was comfortable, but was not overly suffocating. I think he realized that I was not the type of girl who liked to be fawned over. My snapping at him about the protection detail after the Jacob-stalker issue clued him into that little tidbit. I felt bad for snapping at him. I apologized for my curt tone but it didn’t negate the fact that I didn’t like beingthat girl. I’m an independent woman.  
Speaking of the Jacob-thing, I hadn’t heard anything from the police. I’m assuming that nothing else had come to fruition. I’m hoping that this whole thing would just go away. Unlikely. Jacob is quite persistent when he wanted to be.  Thankfully, my nightmares seemed to have dropped off. I still got them, but not as intensely as before. Having Rose, Alice and Edward close by seemed to have helped.
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