Sunday, April 14, 2013

A special thank you...

I just started reading a new story: To Protect and Serve an Angel by Edwardsouthern Bella.

Bella needs to make some changes in her life, which includes getting away from her abusive husband, Jacob. After a romantic encounter with Edward Cullen, she chooses to divorce Jake, but not before he tries to kill her. Edward stays by her side, vowing to save her from this nightmare, and to put Jacob in prison.

After three years in a dead marriage, Bella Swan is ready to get past her codependency and 

rediscover her dreams again. With the help and love of an up and coming investigator by the name 

of Edward, she will begin this journey. The main challenge will be her soon to be ex-husband, 

Jacob, who doesn't want Bella to find her happily ever after. How far will Jake go in order keep 

controlling her life? What measures must Edward take to protect his angel?

Summary taken from the story...

I'm only one chapter in and I'm enchanted by the connection that Edward and Bella share. Ashley (Edwardsouthern Bella) is a poignant writer who writes from experience and the heart. Her characters are interesting and have many elements that make them flawed and more real

IIn addition to being a fabulous writer, Ashley is also one of the sweetest, most caring women I've ever met in the fandom. She's been a cheerleader of my writer for two years. Now, it's time to return the favor. This fic is the first she's ever written, but she's working on several others. 

Love is Stronger than Pride

And she's taken over this fic... Knocking on Heaven's Door

Check them both out along with To Protect and Serve an Angel. 

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