Friday, March 29, 2013

A Prescription for Love Teaser

As we were sitting, the phone rang. I could hear Edward cussing up in the bedroom. I hazarded a look at the caller ID. Unknown Caller. “This is getting ridiculous. All hours of the day and night.”

“Does the caller say anything?” Alice asked.

“No. Just a few beats and then they hang up,” I grumped. I heard a loud crash from upstairs. Alice and Angela jumped as I looked up. Edward growled lowly as he stomped down the stairs in nothing but a pair of shorts. “Anything new?”

“No,” he hissed. “I’m disconnecting the home phone, Bella. This is ludicrous. Additionally, we’re getting you a new cell phone.” He angrily searched on the laptop for the phone number for the phone company. “How about an iPhone?”

“Yes, please,” Alice and Angela giggled.

“Funny, ladies,” Edward deadpanned. “I’m only going to get one iPhone and it’s for the gorgeous woman sitting next to me.” He kissed my neck and picked up his own cell phone. “I’ll be in the living room, sweet girl. Come say goodbye before you go out gallivanting with the girls.”

“We’re not girls,” Alice huffed.

“Ladies?” Edward squeaked.

“We’re not eighty, Edward,” Angela snarked, arching a brow.

“Smoking hot bitches,” Alice retorted, adjusting her breasts in her asymmetrical top.

“I will not call either one of you ‘bitches,’” Edward admonished. “But, you are smoking hot.” He wrapped his arm around my waist, pressing his hot chest to my back. “You’re hotter, though. I hope you have enough energy when you get home to have a little fun with me.”

“Hmmmm, maybe,” I purred, kissing his jaw. His whiskers tickled my lips. He nipped at my earlobe before leaving me with Alice and Angela. 

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