Tuesday, February 26, 2013

La Cantante Repost

Chapter Eighteen on FFn

Mind Blowing Perfect Pitch on TWCS

Mind Blowing Perfect Pitch on AO3

You may not know it, Isabella, but you are my life now. I love you.”
 I felt Bella nestle closer in my arms after my admission. I truly meant my words. She was my life, my reason for breathing, the sole purpose of my existence. I smiled at these thoughts, though they should scare the ever-living shit out of me. I just couldn’t imagine a life without Bella.
 I fell into a deep sleep after my confession. When my alarm went off in the morning, I was thoroughly confused. I looked down and saw that Bella was facing away from me, curled into my side. I was wrapped around her, spooning her tiny fragile body. We were wrapped up in a blanket that was usually on the foot of my bed. I reached to my desk and shut off my alarm clock on my phone. I heard the deep snores of both Jasper and Emmett.
 They could sleep through a tornado, hurricane and earthquake. Damn.
Bella stirred as I put my phone back on my desk. She blinked her eyes and looked around the room confusedly. I gently brushed her hair off her neck and pressed a kiss there.
“Morning, beautiful. I guess we were more tired than we anticipated,” I chuckled. “We crashed here.”
"Hmmm…”she replied as she closed her eyes, snuggling closer to me. “Don’t want to get up.”
"Me neither, but we have music theory. Aren’t you excited?” I said with mock enthusiasm.
She growled lowly. “Fuck, no. I need more sleep,” she mumbled as she turned onto her stomach. I crawled over her and padded to the bathroom. I took care of my business, walking back into the room. She was still nestled against my pillows, trying to burrow deep into my covers.
 She’s so beautiful…
“Bella,” I cooed. “You really need to get up. It’s about 6:30 and…”
Bella sat up, shooting out of bed like a bullet. She looked at me frantically. “It’s 6:30?!” she screeched. She clamped her hands over her mouth as she looked at Jasper and Emmett. They didn’t budge. “I gotta go and shower. Don’t wait for me. I’ll meet you at theory. Love you,” she said as she dashed out the door, slamming it forcefully.
 Hurricane Bella! Holy Crimoly!

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