Sunday, January 27, 2013

TWO Plot Bunnies...

Now, I'm going on a brief hiatus due to the craziness of my life. But that doesn't mean that my creativity just stops. I've got two plot bunnies floating through my head. One of which may be a drabble (I'd figure I'd try never know, I may like it).

Plot Bunny #1: Mafia Princess (possible drabble?)

Isabella del Cigno (21) is the daughter of the infamous mob boss, Charlie del Cigno (Cigno means swan in Italian). He's ruthless, cunning and deadly. The FBI wants to put an end to him but can't ever find enough evidence linking to him back to various crimes. Isabella is just as cunning and deadly but she lives the life of the mafia elite - fast cars, endless money and anything her heart desires, except freedom from the tyranny of her father. Charlie doesn't want his only child to be killed by his arch enemies, the Volturi, so Isabella is closely guarded.

Edward Cullen (26) is a special agent in the FBI. He's chosen to infiltrate the del Cigno Syndicate of the mob. He works his way through the ranks and is eventually hired as Bella's bodyguard. Initially, he can't stand Bella - he thinks she's a whiny, self-centered, enabled bitch. Then, she gets shot at and Edward knows he was chosen for this mission for a specific reason. Yes, he wants to bring down the del Cigno Syndicate but he must save Isabella, who has a secret of her own...

How can Edward fulfill his obligation for the FBI but still keep the girl?

Plot Bunny #2: Picking up the Pieces (working title...nothing in stone yet)

Isabella Black is a single mother of two children, four year old Grace and six year old John. A year ago, she lost her husband to a brief but painful battle with pancreatic cancer. After a year of grieving, Bella packs up her home in Arizona and moves closer to home in Forks, Washington. She gets hired as an elementary school teacher by Alice Brandon-Whitlock, the principal of Forks Elementary School. She's back teaching after taking a year off after the death of her husband. To make things easier, she's teaching the same grade as her son with John in her class. Charlie sets Bella up (on the sly) on dates when she comes over for dinner every Sunday. After the fourth 'set-up' Bella rushes out of the house, speeding back to her own home.

She gets pulled over by...Edward Cullen. He's thirty-five police officer who works for the Forks Police Department. He's never been married and is living in Forks to help with the care of his sick and dying mother, Esme Cullen, who is battling ovarian cancer. He would have been working for the FBI if it wasn't for his mother's illness.

These two people have been dealt two unbearable hands of cards. Will they find the comfort in each other or will the tragedies of their lives, pull them further apart?


  1. I love the sound of both of them. So, I hope your hiatus doesn't last too long and you can give them both to us! We'll be waiting for you to come back.

  2. They both sound fabulous, and I know you will "weave" them well. I look forward to both of them!